Her Royal Opinion

the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes

Playlist Jan 10th

Memory Tapes - Thru the Field - Grace/Confusion ( Carpark Records ) Tnght - Higher Ground - tnght EP Chairlift - I belong in your arms - Something Junior Electronics - Else Queen Elsie - Musostics Lone - New Colour - Galaxy Garden Interview - Joni Tabbiner  - Essential Oils Therapies Clark - Open - Iradelphic Interview - Joni Tabbiner  - Essential Oil Therapies LV & Untold - Beacon (Mount Kimmie Remix) - Hemlock Recordings Chapter 1 Actress - Uriel's Black Harp - RIP Jacob Korn - I need you (feat. The Drifter and Christopher Rau) - You and Me If you would being interested in  learning more about essential oil therapy and what Joni offers please visit www.joywithjony.com

Awesomeness & Gratitude